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57 6 Sep 2017

AVCN A/S is a good and relyable company. AVCN A/S is a cooperative company. Today AVCN A/S is the worlds 7th largest food and beverages dairy company and are know worldwide for their Lurpak butter, cheeses and other dairy products. The first choice for our stakeholders: customers, employees,...

1.9 27 Oct 2020

AMT&C Group is a recognized leader in the Russian market in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies, specializing in the development and manufacture of household, industrial and defense products based on permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems. The R&D activity of AMT&C Group...

RegionBitHim, LLC
0.7 14 Jan new

Export from Russian Federation. High-quality joinery timber and stock lumber are available for joineries in the timber species of birch. The offer is actual for a companies specializing in cabinet-making and the manufactures of contemporary furniture. Delivery is from Russian Federation. Please,...

0.0 18 Oct 2020

Pellets-Pallets-Plywood-Board-Timber from the manufacturer for export.

0.0 9 Jan 2017

We are dealer in all kind of consumer electronics gadgets, our products are brand new cheap at affordable prices and home delivery world wide

Ceejay Moda, LLC
0.0 28 Feb 2019

We sell fabrics at wholesale prices and also have office in china.... Beeflex, crepe satin, atlas stretch, gabardin, sandra, barbie, galiyana, cotton, niagra, etc...

0.0 10 Jul 2018

Center for certification. Services for the formulation of certificates of the Customs Union (EAC). mandatory certification of products; voluntary certification of products; certification in the framework of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union; refusal and explanatory letters; ...

0.0 26 May 2020

Since its founding in 1999 Coral Club has grown into a leading producer and promoter of healthy lifestyle products. The company makes use of innovative methodologies and cutting edge R&D in healthcare, offering top quality products with maximized nutritional value that help create a healthy...

DavMar, ЗАО
0.0 28 Mar 2016


Milmi, SP
0.0 15 Sep 2020

I am a private investor. I am looking for interesting projects for investment. I invest in directions - construction - agro-industrial complex - timber harvesting - goods turnover - startup If you have an interesting project, offer or start-up, I am ready to consider them and offer investment...

0.0 22 May 2019

We are legit and registered company contact us today for your order

0.0 26 Jun 2019

The company NEPT ( "New Era of Industrial Technologies") was founded in 1999. The company works as a general designer , general contractor in capital construction, in installation of engineering networks and systems, in integrated security systems. The company has its own production of steel...

0.0 28 Mar 2019

We are the supplier of saffron in all around the worlds, we have the top rated quality of saffron in the world

0.0 10 Nov 2018

We produce non-ferrous metals such as gold dust, gold bars , gold nuggets, gold dust , rough diamonds, mercury and other precious minerals and stones. we equally deal in some rare earth elements. we want a good business relationship with any company out there.

Qingdao United Asia Industry, JSC
0.0 30 Jul 2020

Production and distribution of technologically advanced solutions to process wood. with specialist brands for specific technologies and centers of In 2014excellence expert in industrial components, present in China for more than 20 years.,Qingdao united Ruiya international trade co., ltd as...

0.0 25 Dec 2016

Derevoobrabotka, domostroenie, sushka pilomaterialov, lesopelenie, glubokaya pererabotka drevesini

0.0 27 Feb 2020

The savanna F1 is a first-generation hybrid, the Papa African Serval. Beautiful as a Serval, but without a wild temper. For home and children. Grow 12-13 kg or more. Worldwide delivery. WhatsApp

Sunles, LLC
0.0 11 Dec 2018

We would like to present you our PINI-KAY briquettes made of virgin pine and spruce wood

Tesler, SP
0.0 7 Oct 2019

Our firm renders services of following directions: Polygraphy: production of printed products such as business cards, calendars, postcards. Seals and stamps: manufacturing of various stamps as for individual entrepreneur, Open Company, a facsimile or simply the press with a picture. If you had...

United asia, LLC
0.0 21 Jul 2020

Our company's products are widely used in the panel furniture industry, and are also suitable for medium-density fiberboard and other wood chip boards. These boards are used to process semi-finished products or finished products, and are eventually used to manufacture wooden doors, floors,...

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