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Farma products

Price on request
Mhitaryan Haik
Mhitaryan Haik
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Our request for your products

Dear Sir, We are a Swedish company, and we are interested in the range of products that you produce.
We present you a list of products that are of interest to us. Perhaps some of the products you produce and are ready to sell.
Please provide us with the possible sales volumes and terms of sale.

List of different pharmaceutical items / raw materials
*Tioconazol *
*Acid hcl concentrate 36%*

*Antifoam af emulsion medical*
*Artif. cherry*
*Artif. vanilla 11489*
*Avicel ph 101 poweder*
*Avigel ph 102 powder (mcc)*
*Benzyl alcohol (feld im)*
*Benzyl alcohol liq*
*Calc. carbonate pricipate*
*Calc. carbonate pricipitate*
*Calc. phosph. di basic*
*Calc. phosphate dibasic dihyd*
*candellia wax fcc powdered*
*Carbopol 940*
*Carboxy methylcellulose sod*
*Cherry liquid flavor*
*Citric acid anhydrous*
*Clear opa dry ys -1r-7006-sp*
*Coconut oil*
*Colloidal silicon di oxide*
*Cremophor a25*
*cremophor A6*
*Emulsifying wax*
*Ethanol absolute liquid*
*Ethyl acetate liquid*
*Hpmc 3cp-methocel e3*
*Hydrophilic fumed silica*
*Hydrophilic fumed silica*
*Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose*
*Hydroxyethyl cellulose*
*Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose e5*
*Hypromellose 6*
*Ironoxide yellow e172*
*Isopropyl alcohol*
*Kelacid powder nf*
*Lactose anhydrous *
*Lactose hydrous powder*
*Lactose monohyd (80 mesh) feld (it is 125 Mesh not 80)*
*Lactose Monohydrate 200mesh*
*Lactose monohydrate fine mil*
*Lactose spray dried*
*Lactose tabletose*
*Liquid petrolatum heavy*
*Lunacera m*
*Macrogol 6000*
*Magnesium myristate powder*
*Magnesium Stearate*
*Magnesium stearate 200 mesh*
*Methylcellulse (methogel A15)*
*Mineral oil (light)*
*Nicotinamide ph powder*
*Opadry dry white*
*Opadry blue oy-ls-20921*
*Opadry clear #ys-2-19114-a*
*Opadry white (oy-s-7163)*
*Opadry white oy-ls-28900*
*Opadry white ys-1-7040*
*Opadrywhite (oy-s-38946)*
*P. v. p k 30 powder*
*Pregelatinized starch lycata*
*Propylene glycol liquid (tank)*
*Propelene glycol liquid (tank)*
*Reynoseal artificial cherry*
*R-sodium citrate dihydrate*
*S. D. artif banana 15223*
*Silicon dioxide syloid 244fp*
*Sodd phosphate dibasic anhydr*
*Sod. starch glycolate type A*
*Sodium Chloride Granular*
*Sodium citrate dihydrate*
*Sodium croscarmellose*
*Sodium dihydrogen phosphate*
*Sodium hydroxide pelets*
*Sodium phosph tribas. anhy.*
*Sodium starch glycolate*
*Sorbitan monostearate*
*Starch maize (Corn starch)*
*Starch Maize Dried *
*Stearic acid *
*Sugar castor*
*Sultimicillin Base*
*Sultimicillin Tosylate*
*Suppocire am AM*
*Talc powder*
*Tween 80*
*White soft petrolatum *
*Xanthan gum*
*Kaolin Heavy*
*Aerosil 200 ( Pharma Grade )*
*Oxytetracycline Hcl Micronised*

Best regards,
Haik Mhitaryan

Well-Head Safety Systems AB
Box 89, SE-953 22 Haparanda, Sweden
Tel.(whatsapp) or (whatsapp)
E mail:

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Mhitaryan Haik
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