Порошок цинка 66 (Zn-66 isotope)

Порошок цинка 66 (Zn-66 isotope)

300 000   /килограмм
Солодов Виталий, администратор
на Флагма с 24 апреля 2016

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Write a request. Only official requests with company details.

Our Company produces and has an opportunity to deliver to Your address the following production, namely: zinc powder 66 in the quantity of 10, 25,
100, 300, 500, 1000 kg +0,8 %.
The quality is in accordance with quality certificates: JSC "Giredmet" are attached to the present proposal documentation for the product.
Our company has an opportunity to sign international contracts, and also has all package of necessary documents for export of production worldwide.
Chemical properties of product is: Zn-66 zinc powder with natural stable isotope content produced in Russia;
Radioactive - not radioactive
Isotope Zinc 66 - of 27.81 %
Expiration date - no expiration date
Quantity on request;
Chemical quantity: not below 99,998 %
Year of production 2016, 2018

Products are sold by Bank transfer, letter of credit.

You can also buy our products in the United States, products in stock payment in America.

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